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Experience in Healthcare

Look no further for Back Pain, Postural, Movement Focused Solutions.

If you are looking for a Brisbane Osteopath, Myotherapist, or Exercise Physiologist, we are located centrally in Brisbane, open 6 days a week from early in the morning till the evening.

The Best Pain Relief in Brisbane

We provide a range of services that will eliminate your pain and discomfort ranging from Neck Pain and Headaches, Back Pain and Sciatica. We are a clinic that focuses on Postural Complaints and Movement Concerns so you live pain-free day to day and perform at your best at the gym or in the sporting arena.

Convenient Location

Head Above Healthcare is located at The Workwell Health Centre 2 km North-West of the Brisbane CBD.

We are Trusted and Bring A Unique Approach

We are a trusted group of healthcare practitioners who work efficiently to solve your complaint, settle any pain, get you moving, and keep you moving.  Our motto is Find it. Fix it. Maintain it. Beyond this, we offer Lifelong Mastery whether you wish to live without pain or excel in sport and high-performance endeavours.

Strategic and Collaborative

All of our Practitioners are fully registered. Together we bring a strategic collection of skills and experience designed to identify, successfully treat, and manage a wide host of conditions. Our primary focus is conditions that affect the Musculoskeletal and Movement systems of your body, keeping in mind all the contributing factors affecting your situation. To get the best results we work with your GP and other healthcare providers.

Trusted Pain Expertise

The Osteopaths, Myotherapists and Exercise Physiologists at Head Above Healthcare bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise. We focus on a wide range of conditions causing pain, discomfort, and dysfunction. A wide range of people can access our services depending on their complaint from New Borns to Seniors.

Conditions that We Treat include:

  • Neck Pain, Headaches, and Migraines
  • Back Pain and Sciatica
  • Nerve Pain
  • Whiplash
  • Sporting Injuries
  • Hip and Knee Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • RSI, Arm, and Hand Pain
  • Foot and Ankle Pain
  • Jaw and Facial Pain
  • Postural Pain
  • Movement Disorder
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Pregnancy Pain and Discomfort

We are a patient-focused clinic taking great pride in bringing your state beyond re-occurring pain and ongoing discomfort. The body is designed to be pain-free and work in harmony with the environment around it – we aim to prove this to you. It is our goal to act beyond your expectation with our friendly professional approach leading you to new heights and happier life.

We have in-clinic private health insurance claim facilities with HICAPS at our front desk. There is ample parking available near the clinic including a carpark on the property accessible via Ellena Street. Call our friendly team and get in touch with our exceptional healthcare practitioners on 3876 2100 or Book Online around-the-clock.



You cannot fix it until you find it. Don’t leave it alone till
it’s fixed, and when it’s fixed keep it that way.


chiropractor Brisbane

We take an in-depth history of Your complaint so we can understand Your pain and explain why You have it and what can be done to help you immediately and in the medium to long-term.

This involves analysis of the cause(s), your overall health status, your medical history, recent scans, and a detailed physical assessment. If required You will be sent for additional scans and tests.


best baby osteopath Brisbane

When We have found out what is going on we can proceed to applying a therapeutic approach that is designed to eliminate or control pain and boost performance.

This is achieved with hands on treatment, prescription of exercises stretches and supplements, and advice around ergonomics nutrition and lifestyle.


best osteopath for bad back Brisbane

This is the point where pain is well controlled or eliminated, Your condition is understood by You and Your healthcare team, so You can achieve Lifelong Mastery.

Our recommendations of cyclic ongoing treatment are designed to prevent a situation that brought You into Our care in the first place.


Lifelong Mastery means different things to different people.

For some, it’s remaining out of pain and being confident in how to avoid pain.

For others pushing the limits of performance and athleticism is the core desire.

At all levels, We offer a basis of empowerment through excellence in treatment, clarity in the management of Your needs and goals, and ongoing input that matches the dynamics of Your aspirations.


Brisbane Osteopathy

‘Osteo’ refers to the Greek word ‘Osteon’ meaning structure of bone and perhaps structure in general, while ‘Pathy’ comes from ‘Pathos’ which refers to ‘Feeling or Suffering’ and hence pathology or disease. Ultimately Osteopathy is the understanding of ideal structural alignment within body, and the application of a hands-on practical process in the pursuit of remediating painful and dysfunctional conditions related to structural problems. Osteopathy in a nutshell:

  1. A person is the product of dynamic interaction between their body mind and external environment
  2. An inherent property of this dynamic interaction is the capacity of the individual for the maintenance of health and the recovery from disease.
  3. Many forces, both internal and external to the person, can challenge this inherent capacity and contribute to the onset of illness and disease.
  4. The structure of the body (muscles, joints, bones ETC) significantly influences the individual’s ability to restore this inherent capacity and therefore to resist disease processes.

We Treat Back Pain & Sciatica Brisbane

Back pain is the most common reason why people present to an osteopath. There are many factors that contribute to any single case of back pain. Your practitioner will assess many parts of your life and physical body to determine the cause, and develop a treatment plan that corrects the structural and alignment issues as well as the precipitating and maintaining factors.

Back Pain & Musculoskeletal Treatment

Osteopaths, Myotherapists, and Exercise Physiologits treat more than Back and Spinal Pain, they look at joints from the hands, wrists, to the elbows and shoulders, as well as the feet, ankles, knees and hips.

It is important to understand that the body is a system of reciprocal tension, movement, and function. With careful observation we may ascertain that poor movement in the wrist and elbow may affect function of the shoulder – it also makes sense to consider the position of the ribs that the shoulder sits upon – and further on, the alignment of the pelvic and feet keeping us upright.

Brisbane Myotherapy

Myotherapists are health practitoners. "Myo" from the Greek or Latin term meaning muscle. "Therapy", meaning therapy. It's someone who works with the musculoskeletal system in a therapeutic sense. Myotherapy was first developed back in the late 60's and has grown and expanded over the years to treat not only muscles, but nerves and joints of the body too.

Myotherapists nowadays can assess, treat and manage acute and chronic conditions that cause or lead to aches and pains. Here at Head Above Healthcare, we specialise in Dry Needling, Nerve Pain & Postural Dysfunctions.

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