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Find it. Fix it. Maintain it.

What is Osteopathy?

Latrobe Osteo
Latrobe Osteo
Latrobe Osteo
Latrobe Osteo

Osteopathy is more than a technique; it is a 'whole body science' focused on resolving painful, dysfunctional, and misaligned body structures with safe, hands-on and exercise-based therapy combined with supportive lifestyle and ergonomic advice.

The Process

  • Realise then Release

    Find, diagnose and explain the cause(s) and then liberate dysfunctional and restricted muscles, joints and tissues.

  • Re-educate and Progress

    Re-train movement and posture through awareness, control and physical conditioning. Prevent relapse with education and sustainable patterns of movement and behavior.

  • Strengthen and Deepen

    Create physical strength to fortify the body, creating more adaptability to external pressures, and resistance to their negative effects.

  • Maintain and stay a Head Above

    With treatment from your osteopath and a consistent pain management plan cultivate sustainable life-long posture and movement.

Find it. Fix it. Maintain it.

"You cannot fix it until you find it. Don't leave it alone till it's fixed, and when it's fixed keep it that way." - Dr Lachlan Freebairn

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Where We Are

We are located at the Work Well Healthcare Centre in bustling Paddington, Brisbane. Find us downstairs at 108 Latrobe Terrace on the corner of Ellena Street.

Latrobe Osteo
Latrobe Osteo
Latrobe Osteo

All osteopaths are registered with the Australia Healthcare Practitioner Registration Authority (AHPRA).


We are your osteopathy and pain management specialists located in Paddington, Brisbane. We offer tailored treatments for pain and injuries.

Latrobe Osteo

Expert Assessment and Diagnosis

Once we find the problem we can proceed to fixing it. This requires clarity on what it is exactly,  the cause(s) and the factors that may be maintaining it. Only with a thorough case history and assessment, relevant work up (imaging, pathology tests) and a working diagnosis with treatment plan can you expect your condition to adequately addressed.

Latrobe Osteo

Best Practice Approach to Pain and Injuries

With a correct diagnosis and reciprocal treatment plan, pain may be eliminated with the least effort and resistance. You can expect this to take a minimum of 2-6 weeks. Once pain is under control the real work begins and a foundation can be built to fortify against recurrent and future injuries.

Latrobe Osteo

Individually Tailored Treatment and Management

Each patient has a unique set of requirements and goals they wish to achieve. This requires time and care to be taken to identify and realise them through a specific tailor plan of treatment and management. We each have a unique blue print that flourishes with the right input.

Latrobe Osteo

Ongoing Maintenance and Optimal Performance

If you have taken the highest recommendation from your osteopath and followed the plan you are most likely to find your problem and to have fixed it. Now, the most important but often neglected part of the process is to maintain it. Maintenance is the peak of having pro-active health by design not random circumstance.

If you are new to our clinic, we have a New Patient Experience page with information on your first and subsequent visits.

For appointments you can book online or phone our clinic on (07) 3876 2100.

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