About Head Above



Head Above Osteopathy represents the culmination of Dr Lachlan Freebairn’s life work as an osteopath and health care provider.


Lachlan began his career as an osteopath in 2008 having first entered the industry as a remedial therapist several years earlier.  Work in the massage industry was originally in pursuit of a good part-time job to supplement his student career in communication studies at the University of Queensland.  Unbeknown to him this was the beginning of a shift in career direction leading toward the healthcare industry.  Originally the obvious higher vocational choice in this field was toward physiotherapy, however after some research and personal experience from various treatments, osteopathy presented as a more potent and well-rounded approach to assisting people with structural conditions of the body.  From the moment Osteopathy appeared on the radar, many years of study, dedication, experience and practice has manifested the creation of the Head Above branding bringing osteopathic care and integrated healthcare to the general public.


Head Above Osteopathy brings a unique approach to health care by offering a cutting edge assessment of your body by utilising:

  • Osteopathic Assessment
  • Orthopaedic and Special Screening
  • Imaging (X-ray, MRI, CT, Ultrasound)
  • Postural Neurology
  • Photographic Digital Postural Assessment
  • Stabilometric Analysis


Furthermore treatment and management brings together a combination of approaches:

  • Osteopathic Manual Therapy and management
  • Exercise Rehabilitation (combining a range of modalities including Brain Based Correction, Kinetic Link Training to name just a few)
  • Spinal Orthotics
  • Prokinetic Inner Soles
  • Proprioceptive taping (Kinesio Tape or Rock Tape)


Dr Lachlan Freebairn and the Team at Head Above Osteopathy offer potent set of tools for finding the cause(s), nature, and extent of your condition, while treating and managing it with the most direct and practical means available.