The assessment, treatment and management of sporting injuries is complex and demanding, often requiring multiple disciplines working together to ensure the best work-up for correct diagnosis and a complete rehabilitation. Osteopathic care may be helpful in this multi-disciplinary approach particularly because of its unique approach to treating the structure of the body.

Your osteopath has a deep understanding of anatomy, the functional relationships between the different elements of anatomy especially biomechanics in human movement and sporting performance. The incidence of an injury can often be unavoidable in the context of a fast paced and dynamic sporting environment. Many injuries are the result of cumulative micro-trauma due to a combination of misalignment, poor balance, and imperfect co-ordination. Thorough and objectified assessment of an athlete may assist in offering a preventative approach to sporting injuries.

At Head Above Osteopathy we offer a range of programs for different types and ages of athletes to hone their sporting performance while offering practical measures that help displace the chance of injury by improving balance, keeping posture and structures correctly aligned and sharpening co-ordination. This is an ongoing process and the best recommendation we can offer is to remain pro-active to musculoskeletal care in the pursuit of a sporting career supporting longevity and sustainability.