Osteopathy is a hands-on approach to treating the structure of your body particularly the musculoskeletal system. Your Osteopath’s will reduce your pain and symptoms by addressing structural ‘dysfunction,’ they look for and correct the cause of the problem within your body and the factors that maintain it and may have manifested it in the first place.

Most people experience a sense of release and relief after treatment with reduction or even an elimination of pain after osteopathic treatment. The process of treatment continues beyond the consultation where fluid and inflammation drain away and a more normal physiology or function is restored to your joints and muscles. It is usually recommended that you take steps to ‘lighten the load’ after treatment even if you feel completely pain free.

It is normal after any physical therapy, including Osteopathic care, to continue to experience symptoms, feel sore or tired, and in some cases feel a little worse. Symptoms may become worse before they become better depending upon your presentation. It is normal to feel a bit sore and achy after your treatment, which often self resolves within several days. If you are concerned with lack of positive change or worsening pain, please contact Head Above Osteopathy to speak directly with your osteopath. It is preferable that you call us to let us know how you feel – as we can reassure you, dispense useful advice, or make a call to action should you need further attention.

The Osteopaths at Head Above Osteopathy may prescribe the use of heat pack, cold packs, stretches, exercises, rest, over-the-counter analgesic and anti-inflammatory medications to support the treatment once an accurate assessment and diagnoses has been made. Following all advice and guidelines around treatment will give you best chance of the most complete and speedy recovery.

It can be challenging to tell a patient exactly how many treatments they will require to best tackle and resolve their condition. Expect more clarity of the treatment and management plan after first treatment when your response to treatment has been assessed. Duration of treatment, number and frequency of visits varies from person to person depending on their presentation, age, and health status. You will never be recommended multiple treatments without first having a clear idea of the goals and intended outcomes defined in the process of treatment. It almost every instance the process of treatment is somewhat of a journey and it is normal to expect some ups and downs, however it is the goal of your osteopath to deliver the highest standard of care and the most achievable outcomes. As a general guide it is important to understand that recovery from pain once treatment has begun can be realistically expected to take from 2 to 6 weeks, this represents a biological fact. A more long-term expectation dictates that it takes approximately for most cells in the body to completely recover and establish normal physiological function. This does not necessarily mean that your treatments will be recommended at a regular frequency for 90 days but rather the expectations around treatment will be addressed to make your aware of the natural processes of healing within the normal biological capacity of the human body.

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