Our Philosophy



“Our key philosophy is to facilitate a space where people can unveil the root cause of pain and help them realise that their greatest expression of health is within their power.”  

Dr Lachlan Freebairn
Director and Principal Osteopath


Find it. Fix it. Maintain it.


Find it.

Head Above Osteopathy is a solution focused clinic that seeks to first correctly diagnose problems finding the root cause – which is often multi-layered.  All appropriate assessment and diagnostics (imaging and tests) will be undertaken to ensure the work-up is correct.


You cannot fix it until you find it! And don’t leave it alone until it is fixed.

And once it is fixed let’s keep it that way! It is most efficient to fortify and stave off problems than to wait for them to flare up from time to time while never quite fixing them.  In face of a condition what chance is there for complete fix when it has not been properly identified.


Fix it.

When seeking the best most complete solution, we facilitate clear communication about your condition and what is required to address it.  This always involves consistent input guiding the patient to properly execute and progress to advanced at-home exercise and correctly manage their condition between treatments.  This is vitally important and will make or break the process as a patient that doesn’t properly understand the process ahead of them will stop treatment prematurely and not achieve a favourable result.


Maintain it.

With all the coordinated effort of achieving a level of attainment that puts the monotony of recurrent senseless pain and suffering to bed for good, there is little wonder why more people don’t take the most practical and cost-effective step to preventing a relapse – maintenance treatment.  Much like the vital importance of communicating the nature of patients condition to them and the process required to address it so to does the clinician need to properly explain the power of ongoing maintenance.  When maintenance is correctly administered you will  gain the benefit of avoiding a relapse of ‘that old chestnut of pain’ you once new so well, and forge ahead on a path of new heights of resilience and strength.  Not to mention the psychological and financial benefit of remaining pro-active to pain – health by design not random circumstance.  Find it.  Fix it.  Maintain it.