Our Team




Dr Lachlan Freebairn is the director and principal Osteopath at Head Above. He draws from more than eleven years of experience as a healthcare provider. Dr Lachlan’s primary purpose as an osteopath is to help people unveil their root causes(s) of pain and guide them toward realising that their greatest expression of health is within their powers of attainment. He believes that the human body is perfect and that many pathways may lead to great health and wellbeing. It is his mission to guide people in a way that illuminates deep connection and fosters empowerment by means which presents least resistance.

Having completed a Bachelor in Clinical Science and a Masters of Osteopathic Medicine at Southern Cross University, continual professional development and education is continuous. Dr Lachlan has studied and practiced internationally having completed studies in Switzerland and managed out-patient departments in a private sports orthopedic hospital in Mumbai, India and a general hospital in Goa, India. Additional study has been completed in the fields of Postural Neurology and Ergonomics. Currently Dr Lachlan is undergoing studies in pediatric osteopathy.

Lachlan offers treatment for a wide range of issues across all ages. He has a special interest in postural problems and chronic conditions which have been resistant to healing.