With our ergonomic programs you will discover how to transform from a ‘Mindless Sedentary Individual” into ‘High Performing Occupational Athlete’. The term ‘Athlete’ may seem far-fetched but the truth is that we all require a high degree of ‘Postural Fitness’ to perform in a sustainable way at everyday tasks. High Performance needs to be the ultimate result of any ergonomics performance it makes no sense to settle for less. In obtaining our best we must consider physical posture, functional movement, psychological human factors, and indicators of optimal brain function and neural capacity at work.

‘High Performance Ergonomics’ is the future of ergonomic understanding and is designed to serve the ‘modern day worker’ who desires both comfort in the occupational settings, and an amplified ability to produce a greater volume of high quality work in shorter periods of time.

Classically ergonomics tends to focus on your body’s structure and function carrying out tasks in the workplace. At Head Above Osteopathy we look beyond the workplace and engage ergonomic design in a wide array of tasks from sporting performance, sleep posture, recreational activities, and operating vehicles.

Head Above Healthcare Hub offers ergonomics programs on a one-to-one basis in clinic and in the public setting in the corporate sphere offering training on a one-to-many basis. In the wider organisational setting an ergonomic program is more effective when a ‘cultural shift’ to wellbeing is implemented rather than mere superficial fixes like installing stand up desks or workstation adjustment. High Performance Ergonomics offers much more than dull one-dimensional information.

Please enquire at the clinic reception or with a practitioner at Head Above Healthcare Hub if you are interested in an ergonomic program being run in Your workplace.