Georgia Hardy

Georgia is an accredited Exercise Physiologist based in both, Work Well Health Centre Paddington and Game Time Physiotherapy Morningside. Her ethos is to provide support to her clients, by developing new and healthy habits to enable them to manage their individual medical conditions in the best way possible.

Georgia believes that exercise can be a gateway to new beginnings in regards to a person’s physical and mental state. She dedicates her time to listen to your body and understand your limits, further employing exercise as a medical therapy for the treatment of chronic diseases across all disease stages; prevention, acute therapy, and on-going management. Her interest for EP evolved after personally experiencing poor treatment to her own medical injuries. It was only until she participated in exercise therapy where she understood the true benefits, unlocking her passion and drive to help others.

Creditations: B.Ex.Phys & Ex. Sc. 2016, UC. Reformer Pilates and Mat Work Pilates Qualified.

Special Interests: Treating chronic pain, running biomechanics, musculoskeletal injuries, neurological conditions and mental health. Georgia also loves teaching reformer pilates and escaping to the coast to do yoga and surfing.