Lifestyle advice at Head Above Osteopathy is more than receiving advice to eat better, exercise more, and get more sleep. When you encounter your osteopath for the first time you will undergo a detailed case history about your overall well-being (energy level, sleep quality, stress level and coping mechanisms), your body systems (cardiovascular, digestive, respiratory etc.), family history, and past medical history (trauma, surgery, illnesses). Understanding your goals from treatment and beyond in the realms of personal, professional, and athletic endeavours is also of vital importance.

The current state of your lifestyle more often than not provides important clues in the causative and maintaining factors of the condition that has caused you pain and discomfort and ultimately brought you to the clinic in the first place. It is our desire to create a base-line for the “Where You Are At’ and ‘What You Require’ so the correct dose and course of intervention can be administered.

When lifestyle advice is accurate, the outcome is more likely to be effective, assisting you to move to greater heights where you are ‘Optimal’ rather than a basic level of ‘Functional’. If being your ‘Best’ is important to you what we offer at Head Above Osteopathy is a natural fit. If you present to us with a reasonable need within our scope of practice, we will do everything in our power to address that need.