Your nutrition is a cornerstone of your health and wellbeing; in many regards, it is the foundation. Although we are not qualified dieticians or nutritionists, we will seek to understand the baseline of your nutritional status to make recommendations or to refer you for a complete workup from an appropriately qualified referral partner.

At Head Above Healthcare we recommend supplementation with:

  • Magnesium supplements (oral and sub-dermal)
  • Essential Fatty Acids (including fish oils and vegetable based alternative)
  • Glucosamine
  • Collagen based joint focused formulations
  • Multi-vitamins
  • Multi-minerals
  • Natural medicine based Anti-inflammatory and Anti-oxidant supplements
  • Probiotic supplements

In this day and age where nutritional supplements are for sale on every corner, it can be very challenging to know what to take and what is appropriate for you in your current state of health. At Head Above Healthcare, we seek to demystify the barrage of information and vested interests. We firmly believe that gut health is foundational to excellent nutrition and health and must be firmly focused upon whenever the topic of nutrition is addressed. If gut flora (or the biome) is out of balance, your ability to absorb and integrate nutrients may be highly compromised, regardless of the input of high-end supplements. This is why steps must be taken to restore it and maintain it.

Your practitioner may make recommendations during your consultation, however, feel free to enquire to learn more.