Osteopathic care at Head Above excels at identifying structural problems in the body, correcting them via clinic based hands-on means, and providing the affected individual practical easily applied knowledge of how to further prevent ongoing injury and relapse. Osteopaths have a high level of knowledge of how the body functions in direct relation to its anatomical structure and orientation, helping inform how to safely correct distortions causing pain and discomfort.

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is more than a technique; it is a ‘whole body science’ focused on resolving painful, dysfunctional, and misaligned body structures with safe, hands-on and exercise-based therapy combined with supportive lifestyle and ergonomic advice.

“We believe osteopathy is the best first point of call for painful and dysfunctional conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system.”

‘Osteo-pathy’ when found in a medical dictionary will lead you to a definition of ‘bone disease’. But this is misleading. Osteopathy is the science and art of identifying structural problems in the body and understanding their relationship to disease and health. It is not a cure-all but a very practical way of understanding how the muscles, bones, joints, and structures of the body relate to the overall health and function of the body – whether it is in good health or in disease. With knowledge of the anatomical structure of the body and its relationship to its overall health and function, we can use safe, drug-free, hands-on solutions to eliminating pain, improving function, and maintaining optimal wellbeing. There may be circumstances where other levels of intervention are required such as medical, surgical or other. Your osteopath is aware of their scope of practice and limitations and will refer you if in doubt and if you have not responded as intended from their treatment and management.

‘Osteo’ refers to the Greek word ‘Osteon’ meaning structure of bone and perhaps structure in general, while ‘Pathy’ comes from ‘Pathos’ which refers to pathology or disease. Ultimately Osteopathy is the understanding of structural problems within body with a hands-on practical process in the pursuit of curing painful and dysfunctional conditions of the body and ongoing maintenance the body in a state of good health and wellbeing.

Osteopathy in a nutshell:

  1. A person is the product of dynamic interaction between their body mind and external environment
  2. An inherent property of this dynamic interaction is the capacity of the individual for the maintenance of health and the recovery from disease.
  3. Many forces, both internal and external to the person, can challenge this inherent capacity and contribute to the onset of illness and disease.
  4. The structure of the body (muscles, joints, bones ETC) significantly influences the individual’s ability to restore this inherent capacity and therefore to resist disease processes.

Head Above Osteopathy is Brisbane’s leading osteopathic centre, offering a considered pathway to recovery from pain and injuries. We have AHPRA registered osteopaths to offer custom osteopathic treatment.

Please do not hesitate to make an appointment at Head Above Osteopathy where you will promptly have your concerns tended to, questions answered, and condition attended to.