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Osteopathy is a Common Sense Approach Helping People Function at Their Best

Pain is Relieved by

– Improving alignment                   – Bettering blood flow and drainage

– Normalising nerve pathways        – Restoring movement

Osteopaths at Head Above Healthcare excel at identifying structural problems in the body. Once identified we correct them with adjustment, stretching, and various hands-on approaches. We also offer practical advice on how to prevent ongoing aggravation and future injury.

An Osteopath has a detailed understanding of human anatomy, and how that relates to movement, locomotion, and bodily function.  The combination of deep understanding of human anatomy and a common-sense approach to treatment and management help Us deliver You excellent results.

Learn more about the Assessment, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Management from Osteopaths at Head Above Healthcare.

Principles of Osteopathic Approach

The bodies inherent capacity for healing informs the foundation for the Osteopathic Approach. This knowledge guides diagnoses and treatment keeping in mind that the musculoskeletal system has more functions beyond sheer movement.

Osteopathic concepts expand beyond the musculoskeletal framework and include recognising altered or impaired function of:

  • Skeletal
  • Visceral (body organs)
  • Joint (arthrodial)
  • Myofascial Structures
  • Including the Vascular, Lymphatic, and Neural elements of all of the above.

When we consider the Musculoskeletal System normalising the function of the joint is just one of many components that are due to careful consideration.

As listed above, we consider, investigate, and treat the vascular and lymphatic supply of the joint and region in question. This ensures drainage so waste material from the byproducts of cell death and inflammation can be removed to normalise tissue health. Likewise, better blood and nerve supply allow oxygen and nutrient delivery. We will also consider the overall function of breathing and balance to further facilitate healing and more complete function of the body.

In this way we look at more than the sore joint or limb, treating the body as a whole and where it is most needed.

So as you can see the Osteopathic Approach is informed by common sense and the application of addressing a problem many vital functions that determine the problem and the status of good health.

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is more than a technique; it is a ‘whole body science’ focused on resolving painful, dysfunctional, and misaligned body structures with safe, hands-on and exercise-based therapy combined with supportive lifestyle and ergonomic advice.

“We believe Osteopathy is the best first point of call for painful and dysfunctional conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system.”  – Dr Lachlan Freebairn (Principal Osteopath and Clinic Director)

‘Osteo-Pathy’, when found in a medical dictionary, will lead you to a definition of ‘bone disease’. But there is more to the word osteopathy. ‘Osteopathy is the Science and Art’ of identifying structural problems in the body and understanding their relationship to disease and health. It is not a cure-all but a very practical way of understanding how the muscles, bones, joints, and structures of the body relate to the overall health and function of the body – whether it is in ‘Good Health or Disease’. With knowledge of the anatomical structures of the body and its relationship to its overall health and function, the ‘Osteopathic Approach’ applies a  safe, drug-free, hands-on solutions to eliminating pain, improve function, and maintaining optimal wellbeing.

Your Osteopath is aware of what can and cannot be achieved with hands-on treatment alone and will make the appropriate referral if in doubt, particularly if you have not responded as intended from treatment and management. Further referral may include a number of healthcare disciplines such a Medical, Surgical, or Psychological.

‘Osteo’ refers to the Greek word ‘Osteon’ meaning structure of bone and perhaps structure in general, while ‘Pathy’ comes from ‘Pathos’ which refers to ‘Feeling or Suffering’ and hence pathology or disease. Ultimately Osteopathy is the understanding of ideal structural alignment within the body, and the application of a hands-on practical process in the pursuit of remediating painful and dysfunctional conditions related to structural problems.   Osteopathy in a nutshell:

  1. A person is the product of dynamic interaction between their body mind and external environment
  2. An inherent property of this dynamic interaction is the capacity of the individual for the maintenance of health and the recovery from disease.
  3. Many forces, both internal and external to the person, can challenge this inherent capacity and contribute to the onset of illness and disease.
  4. The structure of the body (muscles, joints, bones ETC) significantly influences the individual’s ability to restore this inherent capacity and therefore to resist disease processes.

Head Above Healthcare is Brisbane’s leading multi-disciplinary clinic for pain management. We offer a pathway to recovery from pain, injuries, and Mastery of great health and high performance. We have AHPRA registered osteopaths who offer custom osteopathic treatments.

Please do not hesitate to make an appointment at Head Above Healthcare where you will promptly have your concerns tended to, questions answered, and condition attended to.

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