Exercise Rehabilitation is fundamental to the process of a comprehensive treatment and management program and represents a high standard of practice, ensuring you achieve your treatment goals and maintain hard-won improvements.

Some specific attainments from successful and ongoing exercise rehabilitation are:

  • A stable and elongated spine
  • A solidly anchored pelvis
  • A stable core that supports efficient movement of your limbs
  • Diaphragmatic Breathing during performance and at rest
  • Flexible and efficient superficial muscles
  • Open and free moving joints

By achieving these fundamentals of movement, we will eliminate many movement patterns that are not initiated from your core, relieve stress on joints (particularly your spine), and restore restriction from all joints. Restricted joints are often the result of The Body’s mechanisms of self-preservation, and represent a ‘Lock Down’ response to protect what it deems as an unstable vulnerable joint. Ultimately this leads to discomfort, pain and in the long-term disability with the early onset of degenerative joint disease and arthritis.

At Head Above Healthcare, an individual exercise rehabilitation program is developed and implemented for each patient. Beyond exercise rehabilitation we recommend ongoing osteopathic maintenance treatments and exercise programs designed to maintain life-long wellness and postural fitness.