Prokinetic Inner Soles are one the most unique offerings available at Head Above Osteopathy. This product is likely the only ‘Intelligent’ inner sole on the market. These inner soles stimulate the natural proprioceptive (body-awareness) functions of the foot engaging the potent and often semi-awake sensory system embedded in the body and especially the foot. When sensory awareness is correctly functioning the body is better able to support the normal balance and co-ordination of the entire body. The ability of body awareness and to sense the environment is vital to the wellbeing of all people especially competitive athletes and those that relay on great heights in human performance . If you wish to nourish a dynamic, meaningful, and healthy lifestyle, Prokinetic Inner Soles may be a great step these goals.

Your foot has specific arches and geometry – similar to the correct curvature of the spine – allowing continuous movement and function of the entire body in a way that is able to stand the test of time day in and day out and avoid injury and ailment. Prokinetic Inner Soles are not like orthotic innersoles prescribed and fabricated by podiatrists, in that they stimulate and harness the natural awareness and ability of the body. Although orthotics are necessary for the treatment and management of certain conditions they do not always represent the best long term solution. Many conditions of the foot are temporary which begs the question why orthotics of the foot are more often than not prescribed indefinitely especially when they do not offer input that matches the dynamic and changing conditions in the body. Prokinetic Inner Soles are both minimally imposing and cater to the dynamic nature of the body by feeding constant high quality sensory input to best inform how the body interacts and moves in the environment.

All osteopaths at Head Above have the unique training and qualifications to prescribe Prokinetic Inner Soles.

A consultation with your osteopath at Head Above will determine whether Prokinetics Inner Soles are suitable for you in your pathway to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness and health. Learn more about Prokinetics Inner Soles.