Pain Specialist Brisbane



Head Above Osteopathy is an emerging allied health care, pain management clinic based in Paddington Brisbane which specialises in musculoskeletal and spinal conditions.  We are pain specialists, treating conditions from sprained ankles or wrists, sore shoulders, neck pain and headaches, to lower back and hip pain to name just a few.


Our central purpose is to help people identify their root cause of pain and realise that their greatest expression of health is within their power.


Head Above is the central message of the clinic because

  • Having ones’ Head Above is defining human feature
  • A Head Above represents being pro-active in health rather than re-active – “Great Health By Design Not By Circumstance”
  • Locomotion (walking) is also uniquely human and extraordinarily complex
  • Our brains have literally developed to support us being upright and in constant motion


Head Above Osteopathy is a healthcare clinic based at The Work Well Centre in the heart of Brisbane’s iconic Paddington.  Our service represents the highest level of best practice in musculoskeletal healthcare with precise assessment, examination, and diagnosis of your condition.  We look beyond ‘where your aches and pains are’ to the causative and perpetuating factors aiming high to completely address your condition in an efficient and pro-active manner.


If you are suffering a problem and want it to be properly addressed you must first ‘FIND IT, FIX IT, AND MAINTAIN IT’ and in that order.  Once you have properly realised the root cause of your problem, had the structural correction and movement retraining, and been prescribed a suitable pain maintenance program, we recommend ongoing treatment to retain the benefits you have gained and to forge ahead with continual improvement. To ensure your care is complete, we utilise a broad network of referral partners in the medical and allied health fields, keeping in touch with your General Practitioner when required and other important speciality fields.


Truly understanding Osteopathy is realising that it is the best and most effective ‘first point of call’ for all of your musculoskeletal healthcare needs and an effective  advocacy platform for integrative cross-disciplinary healthcare.