Keep Your Head Above Pain and Suffering with Health by Design Not Circumstance!

Osteopathic treatment addresses your injuries with practical hands on pain relief by offering a highly comprehensive assessment of you posture, alignment, and movement capability. Your immediate complaint can only be fully understood and addressed if we have gained a more complete understanding of You and your current expression of health and wellbeing. At Head Above, your osteopath will also look into your wellness (sleep, work, habits etc. ) and body systems (cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive ETC) to ensure you are living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, and to create clarity to advocate for your overall wellbeing.

Expect to be asked questions about your

  • Immediate complaint and concerns
  • Your desire to get well and reach your goals
  • Past medical history
  • Energy level, sleep, stress, diet, digestion
  • Family history
  • Life work balance
  • Recreational and sporting activities

Releasing and realigning your structure is the first step on the road to recovery as this will help improve and advance the quality of your movements, reducing the chance or re-occuring injuries and musculoskeletal conditions. This principle is applied to athletes, children, and everyday Joe’s and Joanne’s alike.

Osteopathy is the ideal first port of call for all of your musculoskeletal complaints. It offers a speedy pathway to recovery and the eventual utilisation of additional services such as massage and more in-depth movement retraining such as exercise physiology.